Look before you leap – Linux or Windows

So, what do you mean by the term Operating System?
Is it Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 ? Or are you a newbie who has just heard the term LINUX & Ubuntu or Fedora? And are you confused about what to select or are you just one of those who think “Windows is a necessity”. Then I must say that you are wrong, because YES there are options but you need to wisely select your Operating System according to your needs.

Now the different operating systems used are –>

  • Microsoft Windows – The most popular of all operating systems because it has been supporting and has been supported by all type of applications that you will ever need since 1985.
  • Mac OS – The proprietary operating system of the Apple Macintosh and MacBook. So, if you want a Mac OS then buy a Macintosh or a MacBook.
  • Linux-Based – Based on the Linux kernel developed by Linus Trovalds, many organizations like Canonical, Red Hat and others have developed many distributions (or distros) which are hardly of any difference from each other.
  • BSD & Solaris – Meant only for developers.

Now there are basically three types of users –>

  1. Developers – Depending on what they work on, they choose their operating systems.
  2. Gamers – Well these guys actually don’t have any other option except MS Windows.
  3. Mac users – They never thought of anything else than the Mac OS.
  4. Home users – These kind of users mostly use their computers for media entertainment and web browsing, thus leaving them to a lot of available options.

Now as most home users just use their computers for listening to their favorite tracks while surfing the web or watching a movie, they actually don’t need to buy a MS Windows or any other paid operating systems while there are linux-based operating systems just for free because it’s open source.

A daily home user can go for a full Linux installation in place of buying a MS Windows, and its even more resource friendly than Windows, i.e. it uses less of your RAM and is compatible with even the previous generation processors while they are no less of a eye candy than Windows, as well as it is immune to windows’ viruses. Thus you can save a lot of your money while buying your hardware (if you are going to invest in new hardware) or salvage your old computer as well as while choosing your operating system because you can get the operating system as well as all applications you need just for free of cost.

Now just for making it easy for you to select the most suitable linux distro as a newbie, I should advice you to go for Ubuntu if you have atleast a moderate speed internet connection, and if you have a slow speed internet connection or no internet connection at all then go for Linux Mint or Sabayon.
Now where to get a linux distro? Download them simply by clicking on the following links –>

Well you can order for Ubuntu CDs and DVDs here, just pay the shipping cost or you can also follow magazines like Digit or Linux For You, they pack free linux distros every month.

So, Have a Happy Linux Experience as a Newbie!

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How to Salvage your old Laptop?

Technology improves everyday, or rather I must say every second, thus leaving your gadgets back dated. Well now if you have a desktop then you can fit in it new hardware available from the stores, but what would you do if all u got is a laptop and it’s technology got out dated and you are much against the idea of dumping it fully?
Remember old laptops really serve as good Linux terminals, so you can install Linux (like Ubuntu or Fedora, whatever suits you best ) in it and still continue using it. But what if the laptop isn’t working anymore or one of its internal parts has got damaged?
Relax my friend, you can still salvage the rest parts from your one time sweetheart and use them as USB devices with any computer or do else things with them. Now, technically speaking you can actually strip out every part from it except the motherboard and the processor. Now let me give you a brief idea about this stuff.
1. Battery – The laptop battery is a 10.8 V, 4.1 Ah battery that contains numerous cells in it. You can rip out those cells and sell them at eBay or you can, in the more preferable way, use it as an external power source when needed, maybe to charge AAAs. You will have to make an arrangement so that you can keep recharging your battery and use it to charge other batteries. Continue using your old laptop charger or any other charger whose output is around 20 V 3.2 A.
2. Hard Disk Drive – Open the back cover of your laptop and delicately take out the internal HDD, and then just buy a new Hard drive case for your internal HDD and use it as a portable USB HDD to carry data anywhere. Have a look at the different options available at Amazon .
3. RAM – Take out the RAM from those sockets out there inside the laptop and you can plug them inside any other laptop that supports them, like check whether they are DDR2 or DDR3 and then check the specifications of the other laptop which you are plugging them into. Thus, u can make that other laptop run much faster than it used to.
4. CPU Fan – Every laptop has one CPU fan for the cooling process to go on. Now carefully remove the fan detaching it from the motherboard delicately and use it to build a simple homemade cooling pad for your new laptop. Make a structure (out of wood or plastic) like a small table with 4 short legs, and then make a hole (same as the size of the CPU fan) and fit in the CPU fan by some arrangement and connect the 2 wires of the fan to a USB Cable by just matching the colors, and now you are just ready with your cooling pad. You will really need one if you are a moderate gamer even.
5. CD/DVD Drive – You can use your optical drive as a USB optical drive in case your desktop doesn’t has one. Just take out the optical drive delicately detaching it from the motherboard and then join it’s wires with a USB cable’s ones just by matching their colors, and then you are good to go. Make a case for your new home grown USB CD/DVD Drive if you are concerned about it.
6. LCD/LED Monitor – Open the lid part of your laptop and remove the monitor keeping the wires attached in mind because it you break the socket where the wires are plugged in then your monitor is of no use, so be careful about the wires. You can attach the monitor to any other laptop whose monitor got damaged by just matching the voltage and ampere requirements. And yes, not to mention, but do match the resolutions too.
7. Speakers – Rip out the speakers and then well just connect them with other systems by just the old way that you have known (matching the positive and negative ) .
8. Webcam – The webcam is attached to the motherboard by 4 wires. So just simply detach it and connect it with the wires of a USB Cable by matching the colors, and you have made your own USB webcam that works with any computer you want. It’s upto you to use it as a spycam (because it’s small ) or as a webcam for Skype video chats by attaching with a clip or pasting it on your monitor.
  Do you want to know how to open up your laptop fully???
  Better stay tuned with us. Have a nice time !!!