Virtualization with XEN : The backend of the Cloud

What is XEN ?

Xen is the most popular Open Source Virtualization software that allows multiple OS to
run on the same computer hardware concurrently, thereby improving the effective usage
and efficiency of the underlying hardware. It benefits the enterprises with the power of
consolidation, increased utilization and rapid provisioning.

The back end of our cloud setup runs Xen hyper-V to support virtualization of instances or nodes. The Eucalyptus-nc package is installed in this Node controller(s) running our back end.

Steps for BACK END setup:

ü Prepare a raw Ubuntu 12.04 system preferably server edition.

ü Install Xen hypervisor following these steps:

o    sudo sed -i 's/GRUB_DEFAULT=.*\+/GRUB_DEFAULT="Xen 4.1-amd64"/' /etc/default/grub
o    sudo update-grub
o    sudo sed -i 's/TOOLSTACK=.*\+/TOOLSTACK="xm"/' /etc/default/xen
o    sudo reboot

3. Check for running hyper-V:
o    sudo xm listFollowing output is obtained:
o    Name                      ID  Mem  VCPUs   State       Time(s)
o    Domain-0                   0  945     1    r-----      11.3

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