How To Prevent Internet Speeds From Falling off?

We often like to leave our computer idle, turn off the monitor and do some other kind of work, after queuing one or many downloads in it. But when we switch on the monitor, what we see is the least expected. The Download is about twenty-five per cent complete and the current download speed is zero. 

What has actually happened?


While you were off attending your work, the download speed fell down and eventually became zero bringing the entire process to a halt. This is because whenever we surf the net, we send out periodical requests for web pages, which helps to keep the connection alive. However if we leave it out idle, the connection eventually becomes kaput.
It can be summed up in this way:
Consider Requesting for an webpage as pressing down the accelerator of a car. The more number of times you press the accelerator, the greater distance the car will go. It’s the same thing. 

What’s the solution to it?


Use a pinging utility. A pinging utility send out 32bytes of data to a particular website constantly (which is a kind of request). It records the number of packets sent versus number of packets received. The net effect is that the internet connection never dies out. You can download it from here.

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