Keeping Your Online Identity Safe

The average John Doe has multiple profiles on the various social networks that have cropped up today.Be it Facebook,LinkedIn,Google+.We sure like to keep ourselves up to date,checking our profile frequently.But in the digital world,popularity attracts both the good guys and the bad guys.The bad guys are the ones who try to hijack your accounts using various techniques.Keeping your account safe means following some simple yet strong rules that can prevent your account from getting hijacked by them.

Keep Strong Passwords:
Its simple to create strong passwords.I am highlighting a few methods you can use to create them

  1. Inserting numbers between the letters of your name.                            Example:J1o2h3n4D5o6e
  2. Using Special-Characters like %,$&* to increase its strength.Example:J#o!h&n$@d3o7e5
  3. Using patterns in keyboard like 1q2w3e4r5t6y…

Also there are free software’s available like  Keepussafe and Passwordsafe.They can actually serve two functions.Firstly they can act as a password manager,i.e they store your password securely in your desktop or in any online cloud-based service..Secondly,they can generate strong passwords,which might be hard to crack using any brute force techniques. Although the generated passwords are quite complex,they are quite easy to store using  the software’s
built in mechanism.

Don’t disclose your email in public

It might seem strange but limiting the number of people with whom you share your email is one step towards a more secure online presence.Share them only with your friends and immediate colleagues.Secondly,keeping a ‘hard to guess’ email also helps.
An example:

Supposing,you were born on 1991,you might keep your email as


But these are easily guessable.So keeping a bit stronger email helps.

Try to keep two-layered authentication using a mobile.It discourages account hijackers.

Finally,try to keep a security question that’s hard to guess.It can be  something very  personal which you haven’t shared with anyone except very close-ones.Also try to change them frequently.

Keep multiple account’s linked together

Keeping multiple email-accounts as recovery options for your social profile will make it easier to retrieve your hijacked profile.The flow-chart gives a rough idea how it can be done.

A secure account flowchart
(Click to Enlarge)

Never use the same passwords for any two accounts

It would be a real disaster if someone comes to know your password and gain access to all your accounts.Using the password mangers mentioned above,you can easily generate and store strong passwords.


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